In the first half of the fifth game, Grant continued to pitch, and after three strikes, he was beaten by Bot and hit the first base. At this time, the Cardinal coach made a substitution adjustment and replaced the starting pitcher Grant. Only 62 balls were scored in the game, 4 hits in 4.1 games, and not too bad when replaced. The Auster-Gonbert who succeeded the pitching work made Rizzo's rolling earth blockade, and was replaced by Zobrist. After hitting the second base, Hewed went through the defensive mistakes, Rizzo ran back to the home base and scored, the bears advanced the score, 3-2; then Baez again knocked out a second base hit, the runners of Cheap MLB18 Stubs the base bag all Run back, the score suddenly pulled to 5-2.

In the second half of the sixth game, Hendricks continued to pitch the ball, once again facing the Cardinals Center line, still handling the handy, first strike the Molina, then Derong's high flying ball was killed, and finally Ozuna rolled the earth out , once again completed the three-in-three half of the game, lost 2 points and then completely stabilized the state, blocking the cardinal line. In the second half of the seventh game, "Professor Henry" smashed the Quartet, and two of them rolled the Earth with a high flying ball to solve the three hitters again, letting the Cardinals hit the line again and again and again, and one person shocked the audience and left it to the Cardinals. There are only two and a half games left in the counterattack.