In the 5th half of the city, counterattacks were launched, and Rosario’s outfield came back to Buy MLB18 Stubs Eskoba with a 395-foot home run. After that, the Twins continued to make a base. Adrienza’s outfielder beat him back to Dozier. Kepler led the Spurs 7-4. In the second half of the 5th inning, Cubs immediately attacked. First, Sabriskis played back to Rizzo. Afterwards, Bot scored in the middle and Contreras ran back to homerun. Hap’s center hit back to Russell. At this time, Cubs will chase the score to 7-7. Almora and Hayward then made up two hits, Bot and Harper scored, and Bears led the Twins 9-7.

In the 6th half of the city, the city started a counterattack again. Escobar sacrificed and beat Wilson back, and then Ostroudello scored back in the middle to return to Grossman. The Twins put the score at 9-9. In the second half of the 7th inning, Cubs once again attacked the full base. Haywardan played back to Bot. After Baez's second base hit back to Harp and Schwab, Contreras's sacrifice hit back. Hayward, Cubs once again attacked the full base, Russell's hit back to Baez. In the end, the Cubs beat the Twins 14-9.