And that is exactly what happened here. I didn't know it, because Dan Plesac (of Cheap MLB18 Stubs N.C. State!) was mid-anecdote during the play, and MLB The Show's janky, last-gen commentary engine is incapable of interrupting itself to call out the violation. In other, deliberately initiated balks, play-by-play announcer Matt Vasgersian notes that the pitcher didn't come set, and the umpire, after waving his hands, will make a clutching motion at his waist as if advising the thrower that he forgot to do so.

When this happened, I thought the Royals' Blake Swihart (IRL he's with Boston; it's 2018 in this playthrough) had called time during the pitch, not only making me dry-fire on a two-strike pitch but also wasting my ShowTime juice. I was livid, but impressed. Batters have tricks to destroy a pitcher's timing, too, and I thought that's what it was doing here, but that wasn't the case.