Gaijin Entertainment announced the release of the update 1.79 Project-X for War Thunder. Published his trailer and screenshots. With him in the game appeared more than two dozen new models of equipment, two maps (Italy and Ladoga). More developers have updated the sounds of all aircraft and aircraft weapons.

The timeframe of the technology was extended to the 90s. Among the new models of War Thunder Golden Eagles tanks are: Japanese Type-90, German Leopard 2A4, French AMX-40, Soviet T-62M-1 and American prototype XM-1. The new function Analysis of security will allow to check the vulnerability of the details of the tank.

Aviation War Thunder also replenished with new models: FJ-4B Fury, IL-28S, Messerschmitt Bf.109Z and I.A.R. 81-C. The last plane of Romanian production was created by NovA29R player. The game first appeared guided bombs. War Thunder will soon be launched on the Xbox One.