One of the main things you want to look for in a center fielder is their combination of Fielding (94), Reaction (91) and Speed (99). Buxton has elite attributes in all three of those, making him a top tier defender. What’s holding him back currently is his low contact attributes. For the most part you’ll just want to put the ball in play and let his legs do the work. Also, if you’re looking to make some Stubs, investing in a few Byron Buxton cards could pan out if he plays well, and gets bumped to the Gold tier.

MLB The Show 18 will be released on March 27 and likely American League Rookie of the Year and potential junior circuit Most Valuable Player Aaron Judge will be the cover athlete for the game.As has become the trend with major sports titles, fans who pre-order the digital version of Cheap MLB18 Stubs the game will receive it three days earlier than the standard edition. Last year's game featured Hall of Famer Ken Griffey Jr. on the cover and it released on March 28.