There was a time when people didn’t feel proud that they went under the knife. They felt embarrassed that they only looked great because they had surgery. When people knew that someone had surgery, they judged that person in the worst possible way.

These days, cosmetic surgery seems to be normal. No one will laugh at you if you undergo surgery. These are among the possible reasons behind the acceptance of cosmetic surgery as a norm.

Celebrities do it all the time

People look up to stars. They follow what celebrities do and think of those actions as a great idea. With the rise of celebrities being honest about what they did to their faces, ordinary people are not shy to talk about what they did as well. Add to that the number of reality shows talking about cosmetic surgery and how great the final results were.

Surgical techniques have improved

One of the taboos about cosmetic surgery in the past was that it was dangerous. Several stories came out about people who did the surgery and ended up looking worse than when they first entered. Although there are still cases that exist, cosmetic surgery has drastically improved because of modern technology. People are not afraid to try these techniques anymore because they know they are in safe hands.

Anti-bullying campaign strengthened

Several organisations and even celebrities have come out against bullying. It encompasses all types of bullying, including against those who went under the knife. People need respect for their choices, and no one should judge them for doing the surgery. The anti-bullying campaigns allowed people to come out and be proud of their surgery without fear that others would look down at them or laugh at them for their decision.

There are no good arguments against surgery

Apart from bullying, there is no good argument against plastic surgery. Yes, it comes with risks, and some techniques are still new. However, people who choose to do those surgeries are the ones taking the risk. It does not hurt or impact others negatively. Since other people are not a part of the story, they have no reason to keep hating those who try plastic surgery.

Surgeries are now accessible

Perhaps a lot of people want to try these surgeries but are unable to afford the procedures. As such, they end up questioning or hating others who tried a surgical procedure to improve their looks. With the rise of cosmetic surgeons in London and many places around the world, surgery has become accessible at It has allowed more people to give these techniques a try. When they saw how effective the results were, they felt encouraged to give it a try. Since more people have tried cosmetic surgery, it is hypocritical for others to still go against it.

In the end, it is your choice to do whatever you want to improve your looks. No one can dictate to you that you are wrong, and even if they do, you shouldn’t listen to them.