In the recent Harvest expansion, how many terrifying monsters did players in the Path of Exile grow? Literally billions, almost one in every two people on the planet. It sounds good to say that, which couple would like slave hell rather than family dogs? Generally, research using POE Currency to improve one's own equipment seems to be one of the most effective and quick ways to increase lethality.

Seeds are divided into four levels, and the higher the level, the lower the probability of seed dropping. Today’s blog post tells us that the bottom seed has been discarded more than 3 billion times, of which the most common seed is 368,899,226. After killing level 1 monsters, about 118 million level 2 seeds were dropped. When level 2 was killed, it dropped 14 million level 3, and when level 3 was killed, it dropped 1,077,5084 levels.

At the same time, in the new league, players rearranged and adjusted POE Orbs to overcome a series of usual challenges, including completing 12, 24 and 36 prizes. Four weeks into the league, 16.3% of players completed the first batch of 12 challenges, 1.68% of players completed 24 challenges, and 0.38% of players completed 36 or more times. This figure is still higher than the previous league’s Delirum, which completed 0.23% of 36 challenges. Grinding Gear Games attributed it to the previous league’s lack of Harvest’s portal effect. It shows that the portal on Steam is very popular.