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It is on August 20th, 2021 (GMT+8) that Official Website has announced Compensation Declaration for Removed TBC Classic Gold.

Considering Blizzard’s regulation and the market situation, we made this Compensation Declaration below:
  1. If your purchased gold is removed by Blizzard within 72 hours after the delivery, we will send it to you again.
  2. We only bear up to 50% loss of your removed gold, and your compensation should be within 50 dollars. (If prices change after you have placed an order, we will set your purchasing prices as the basis)
For example:
  • You have purchased 4000G. If the gold is totally removed, we will resend 2000G, as it is less than 50 USD.
  • You have purchased 6000G, and we will only resend less than 3000G, as it is more than 50 USD.

3. We can only bear up to one time of compensation for one customer. If one customer asks for the 2nd compensation, we will not compensate for his order(s).

Compensation Details
1.After your order is completed, you should use up your gold as soon as possible to prevent getting removed by Blizzard. We only compensate for removed gold that is recalled within 72 hours.(As long as your gold is removed not more than 72 hours after your receiving, even if you don’t tell us in time, it still belongs to our compensation scope.)

2. You should tell us the actual removed gold quantity first before asking for compensation.

3. We only resend as much as 50% of your removed gold, which should be less than 50 dollars.

4. You should send us some Screenshots as proofs of removed gold for verification. Your screenshot should be original and not be edited by any software. We only compensate for those who get through the verification.

5. Your email address of removed gold from Blizzard should be

You should provide these Screenshots as follows. (The Screenshots can not be edited by any software)
  1. A screenshot of your logging into the game
  2. A screenshot of with your Account Suspended notice and your username on
  3. A screenshot of the email from Blizzard in your account, along with the time of your receiving it
4. MmoGah Chat Window on the left-bottom side for further verification that it is you

Please understand any requirements of our compensation. Please follow the instructions above for smooth compensation. No fake screenshot proof is permitted, and you mustn’t edit it by any software. Thank you for your support!

Attention: You will receive an Email from MmoGah once your WoW TBC Classic Gold order is delivered, which is a good reminder of your using the gold as quickly as possible to avoid removal by Blizzard. Please Check Your Email in Time!

You may know that buying game virtual currency has risks, but sometimes you have to do so. As a classic old MMORPG made by famous Blizzard Entertainment, Classic TBC has very strict gold trading rules. Websites that are selling WoW TBC gold seldomly have compensation guarantees for removed gold, but MmoGah can do it as we commit to providing the best services in the market, and we always put the customer ahead of our business. If you have any queries or requirements about our website, feel free to contact us via our Live Chat at any time.