Newest FIFA 18 News. As always, another FIFA game and another microtransaction fest. Nothing has changed all that much this time around and you will probably get used to the whole system in no time, however everything will depend on how you play the game. FIFA 18 brings the good old FUT mod back and coins are going to be in high demand from the start.
Basically, FIFA 18 Coins will remain mostly the same with some earning differences here and there but if you know how to manage your team then FIFA 18 will present no challenge to you in that field. Coins are always available at every step you take on the football field but if you don’t take them it’s your loss.
Another area that FIFA 18 was behind PES is in terms of player and team personality. Teams and players feel more personalized in PES, allowing you to adjust tactics and fight against better teams through intelligent tactics and physical strength. It seems that this is something that FIFA has taken to heart, promising much more defined player personality. EA are promising even individual players will feel like their real-world counterparts,cheap fifa 18 coins but the important thing will be if this idea filters throughout all of the teams and players to make for compelling, unpredictable match-ups.