The USP-s and P2000
These two pistols are insanely accurate over great distances compared to the terrorist counterpart. As a result, you want to do the exact opposite of what the terrorists want. Your job is to make sure you can keep the fight at long distances. As long as you can do that, all you have to do is to tap slowly and aim for their heads.
The P250
The P250 is a great pistol that s very accurate at medium range. It also has a lot better armor penetration than the Glock-18, USP-s and P2000, which makes it ideal for the second round if you lose the pistol round. The exception is if you re on the terrorist side and got the plant but lost the round. In this case you shouldn t buy anything at all, and go for a full buy on the third circular instead.
In particular, buy the P250 if you re going to defend or attack an area where you think you can get close enough to steal an SMG with a fast headshot.
The Tec-9 and CZ75-Auto
These can be some of the most powerful pistols in the game if used correctly. The actual Tec-9 is one of the exceptions for pistol rounds that I mentioned earlier. One player can buy armor and have a teammate drop him a Tec-9. That gives the terrorists an almost impossible force of nature to lead the actual charge.
It h also a great weapon to buy on force buys if you lso are planning on running a quick strategy.Buy csgo skins with paypal It t super powerful as well as fires rounds really fast. It isn t that accurate, however , which means you need to get close. Much like the Glock-18 it doesn to have that much spread, so it s ideal to run and gun with.
The CZ75-Auto can one-shot people at close range even if they have head armor. It s i9000 one of the most powerful weapons in the game, but it nasiums incredibly hard to control. It holds 12 bullets per magazine and it shoots truly fast. Csgo skins for sale This means that you have to lurk around corners and catch individuals off guard. You ll most likely only get one chance, so make the most of it. If you manage to kill a good enemy with either an AWP or even an assault rifle you ve done significant damage to the other team s economy and it was a good investment to buy the particular CZ75-Auto.
The particular Five-Seven can be equipped instead of the CZ75-Auto in the loadout menu for the counter-terrorist side. It holds 20 bullets and can kill armored players with a single shot to the mind. It s low spread and high armor penetration makes it great to spam bullets with in close range. In case you re a bit farther away from your target you should go for slower taps instead. At only $500 the Five-Seven is a great alternative to typically the P250 in the second round if you are feeling confident that you can take out at least one enemy.