Best 3 restaurants in Malaysia for Veggie Lovers

With healthy, wholesome living being of prime importance, vegetarians sure seem to be enjoying their time in the sun. If you stayed away from Malaysia only because you felt your veggie cravings would not be satisfied, think again.

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A number of vegetarian restaurants have sprung up around every corner in Malaysia that will satiate all non-meat lovers.

Ganga Café: Simple, minimal and clean, Ganga Café makes use of their own fresh, farm-grown vegetables in the preparation of the dishes and serves some of the tastiest Indian staples here. Do not walk out without trying the Pranic juice—mint, coriander, ginger, lime, honey, pepper, black salt and cumin come together to make a beverage that is cooling and nourishing.

Nature’s Vegetarian: The name says it all! This quirky eatery is known for its large variety of vegetarian noodle dishes that is served in generous amounts of soy sauce. Their vegetarian dim-sum is a lunch speciality that is quite popular among the veggie community here.

Ashley’s: Whoever said healthy can’t be tasty will be made to eat humble pie, or as is served in Ashley, some delicious raw apple crumble. The cuisine here is holistic and organic, the must-try dishes being the Hakka style lei cha with quinoa and tofu parcels with a tamari sauce reduction.

Experience scrumptious Vegetarian cuisine when in Malaysia and treat your taste buds in the best possible way by heading to these locations!

Dharma Realm Guan Canteen: The bustling canteen that is located behind the monastery is no secret to the working crowd near the area of Jalam Ampang. Inside the canteen there is a chap fan counter which is overflowing with more than 50 vegetarian standards that includes vegetable curries as well. The drumsticks here have been fashioned from fried bean curd skin. Every thing is self serviced and you sit aside several people on a long bench. The food is completely MSG free.

Real Food: This vegetarian restaurant is known to cater to different dietary needs of the people but at the same time not compromising on the taste of its dishes. The dumplings here are made from delicious fluffy clouds and finely chopped mushrooms, bean curds, french beans and carrots. The dumplings are hand made with only 50 to 60 pieces prepared each week. The restaurant is known to source its ingredients directly from the farmers. The founders have also visited the farms to ensure that the food is completely pesticide free. This is one place where even the carnivores will be impressed. This is a must visit food destination for vegetarians vacationing in Malaysia.