While trying to install the McAfee windows security product, you may not be able to install the product, and the installer window will show a red banner with the error text which is ‘Unable to continue installation”. To fix this issue, you need to follow the instructions mentioned below.

Here’s how to fix unable to continue installation error 0

You need to do the installation procedure, In some cases, this will fix this issue, and the McAfee product installation procedure will be successful. In case this procedure is not successful, then you can go through the two options mentioned below:

1. Open the Virtual Assistant.

2. Follow the prompts.

· Running the Pre-Install Tool

After getting the error, you need to press on the Done option to exit from the prompt box. Go through the steps mentioned below:

1. Start downloading the Pre-Install Tool.

2. You need to store the file to the local folder.

3. After restarting the system, you need to install the McAfee antivirus once again.

4. Move to the next solution in case the installation doesn’t get successful.

· Running the McAfee Virtual Technician

With the help of the Virtual Technician, you can fix all these issues related to the McAfee product.

1. Firstly, you need to go through the McAfee website.

2. After that, go down to the McAfee Virtual Technician column:

You can take the help of the Virtual Technician only on your Windows computer.

3. Press on the Download and Run option.

4. Start saving the mvt.exe file to the screen.

5. Click twice on the mvt.exe file.

6. Otherwise, press on the Run option.

7. You need to do this procedure to open the MVT file.

8. Press on the Yes option in case the Windows User Account Control indicates you to permit MVT to open.

9. Wait until the installation procedure of MVT gets completed.

10. It will take a few minutes to get complete.

11. Now, the MVT scans the computer for any error you are facing with the McAfee product.

12. In case you are getting any error:
  • Select the Autofix option.
  • Go through the prompts to allow the MVT to fix this issue.
  • In case the MVT is not able to solve this issue, then go through any other solution.
  • In case you are not getting any error, then exit from the MVT window.
· Downloading the installation package once again

1. Open the default internet browser.

2. You need to do this procedure for downloading the McAfee Windows security product installation package once again.

3. Try to install through the downloaded package.

· Resolving the DNS errors

1. It might be possible that you will face the installation errors in case the name resolution is not at that speed. You need to change the DNS settings tab on the network card to the public server. This procedure will help you to get rid of this issue.

2. After making the changes, you need to try the installation procedure.

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