The rivalry between Apple Music and Spotify is not hidden from anyone, and now the competition gets even more heated after Spotify is offering a 3-month free trial to the users. Recently Spotify announced several upgrades to the Premium Family plan, which allows Parental Control and several other features such as Family playlist. Previously, Spotify offered trial services for a mere one month, but now the trial period for the subscription of Spotify Premium has been extended to 3 months.

The company went on to explain that this is not a limited-time promotion like previous Hulu-Spotify bundles. Instead, the plan will now be the standard one for the Premium Subscription.

The trial period of three months will be made available to all the premium plans by Spotify. It will include Student and Individual plans, Duo and Family plan as well. The Duo plans are still in beta and not available globally. The trial can be gained directly through the official website of Spotify and not via any carrier bill plan or in-app purchase.

Alex Norstrom, who is the Chief Premium Business Officer for Spotify, stated that the week was a huge one for Spotify. Spotify provided upgrades for Premium subscription and also a 3-month trial period for people who have not used Spotify before. He went on to say that the actions show their dedication to provide the most exceptional experience to the Premium users. It will encourage even more listeners over the globe to use Spotify.

Apple Music, on the other hand, has had the 3-month trial policy ever since the start. This policy, however, was a point of the clash between the artists and the company in the initial stage. This was because the artists were not getting paid for their work during the trial period. It was back in 2015 that Taylor Swift pushed Apple to pay the artists even during the trial period. The rates were kept similar to Spotify and other music streaming services.

Even after that, music royalties and copyrights are the most prevalent point of a clash between artists and companies. The most recent example of this is Eminem’s suit against Spotify on 20th August. The lawsuit is regarding a copyright issue over Eminem’s hit song Lose Yourself. The artist’s lawyer stated that Spotify has only paid for a fraction while still using the full streams of his music.

The clashes are solely not the result of the trial period, as the trial period lets the user get familiar with the app and offered services. In the case of Spotify and Apple music, it allows the services to customize playlists according to the user’s taste.

Spotify’s extension in the trial period could be a direct result of the company’s latest earnings where they faced a loss of 500K subscriptions. The company had expected 8.5 million subscribers while they managed to get 8 million of them. It was stated by the company that there were 232 million monthly users and 108 million paid users for the streaming service at the end of June 2019.

Apple Music comparatively has 60 million subscribers as of June 2019.

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