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allergic to skin creams preventable skin diseases

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  • allergic to skin creams preventable skin diseases

    Allergy to facial and body creams May occur if used is not suitable for your skin type. or has contaminants such as feeling dry, tight, flaky, and those with oily skin It may be clogged acne. or skin inflammation easily

    Skin cells originate from the lowest layer of the epidermis. Skin cells divide, multiply, overlap and gradually move up. until the cells expire and gradually peeling off as scurf It takes about 6-8 weeks in total as the skin cells move upward. Skin cells are naturally hydrated. Moisturise the skin The moisture in the skin will help the dead skin cells gradually peel off while the skin cells will produce natural fat substances. and released to coat the outermost layer of the skin and surrounding dead skin cells

    Skin cream is a cream that is applied to the body skin. To add and maintain moisture to the skin. Strengthens the skin's protective barrier and helps retain moisture in the skin. Moisturizing cream consists of 3 main groups of compounds:

    1. Coating Most of them are fatty substances that are responsible for coating the skin. Prevents water loss from the skin
    2. Desiccant Will absorb moisture from the air and under the skin. add moisture to the skin
    3. filler will cover the gap between the skin cells Helps to strengthen skin barrier and feel smooth.

    The three main groups of compounds are present in every skin care cream. but there are more or less Different according to the indications of the cream, so choose a cream that is suitable for your skin type. especially oily skin Need to apply nourishing cream but must choose accordingly Because oily skin is prone to acne and dandruff. which causes skin inflammation All kinds of acne medication make the skin dry especially after washing your face will feel dry, tight and flaky Creams for oily skin should not have a coating. because it will make the skin more oily and may become clogged into acne easily

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