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Building Facades Get a Facelift with Wire Mesh

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  • Building Facades Get a Facelift with Wire Mesh

    Building Facades Get a Facelift with Wire Mesh

    While architects typically have a signature style, many adhere to aesthetic trends for building exteriors. In many cases, the goal is to complement the surrounding structures or align with in-demand structural elements in the industry.To get more news about stainless steel green facade, you can visit official website.

    A popular architectural trend of today is the utilization of wire mesh in building facades. Although industrial metal mesh has been used in construction for several decades, it’s having a comeback. Here’s what you need to know about architectural wire mesh and how it’s used for frontage and other structural components.

    How Wire Mesh Is Used in the Construction Industry

    Due to its unbeatable strength and versatility, stainless steel is the go-to choice for wire mesh in the construction industry. In addition to hidden structural features such as infill panels and insulation, metal mesh can be used for many visible aspects of a building.

    Artistic Wire Mesh Facades

    In terms of architectural mesh used in building facades, the material can be applied to portions of a structure’s exterior or the entire surface. Aside from new construction, wire mesh facades can also be retrofit over existing frontage.

    A facade is considered to be the face of a building. It’s a functional component, and yet, it also sets the tone for a structure as a whole. Sometimes, building facades are intended to be more decorative and artistic.

    Illuminated Facades: Stainless steel is a naturally reflective material. In wire mesh form, it’s used in illuminated building facades that include stylized moving LED lights.Media Facades: Media facades are becoming more and more common in big cities. Many new buildings feature frontages with promotional text, pictures, and even videos.

    Green Facades: Green facades feature several climbing plants draped on the face of a building. The idea is that the plants will continue to grow and eventually spread across the entire facade.