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5 Things You Need to Know about Jakob Rope Systems Green Façades

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  • 5 Things You Need to Know about Jakob Rope Systems Green Façades

    5 Things You Need to Know about Jakob Rope Systems Green Façades

    Contemporary architecture is increasingly focusing on Vertical Greening Systems as a means to restore the environmental integrity of urban areas, biodiversity and sustainability. Planners and architects who have teamed up with Jakob Rope Systems are already producing outstanding results and are defining new dimensions for “art on buildings” with Jakob Green Façade System.To get more news about stainless steel green facade, you can visit official website.
    1. Jakob Rope Systems offers Green Façades:

    Green Façades are wall systems where climbing plants or cascading groundcovers are trained to cover specially designed supporting structures. Plant materials can be rooted at the base of the structures, in intermediate planters, or on rooftops. Green Façades can be attached to existing walls or built as freestanding structures.

    2. What is the difference between our Green Façade and a Living wall:

    Living walls (also called biowalls, “mur” vegetal, or vertical gardens) are composed of pre-vegetated panels or integrated fabric systems that are affixed to a structural wall or frame.
    Modular panels can be comprised of polypropylene plastic containers, geotextiles, irrigation, and growing medium and vegetation.
    This system supports a great diversity of plant species, including a mixture of groundcovers, ferns, low shrubs, perennial flowers, and edible plants.
    3. What are the best plant types to use for Green Façades:

    Green Façades use climbing plants, which are divided into self-supporting plants (root climbers and adhesive-suckers) and plants that need supporting structure (twining vines, leaf-stem climbers, leaf climbers, and scrambling plants). Climbers vary by hardiness, orientation, and climate.
    4. What are the different types of Green Façades supports structures:

    Modular trellis systems — Stainless Steel cable and rope wire systems consist of a kit of parts that includes high-tensile steel cables, wire trellises, anchors, spacers, and supplementary equipment. Vertical and horizontal wires can be connected through cross clamps to form a flexible trellis system in various sizes and patterns. To cover large areas, stainless steel wire-rope nets can be supported on flexible or rigid frames.
    5. Benefits for Green Façades:
    Impact on Buildings
    Indoor temperature – Up to 30% energy saving due to evaporative cooling and shading.
    Indoor noise reduction – Less noise due to sound reflection and absorption.
    Ventilation – Air preconditioning improves air quality.
    Eco-balance – Improved CO2 balance and longevity of components.