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Expanded Metal Facade

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  • Expanded Metal Facade

    Expanded Metal Facade

    Expanded metal is mesh-like sheet metal with wide strands, providing a balanced level of sunlight, visibility, privacy, and openness. The three-dimensional nature of the expanded metal provides depth, providing a varying impression depending on the light condition or angle.To get more news about Expanded metal sheet, you can visit mesh-fabrics official website.

    As part of its line of expanded metal, Kikukawa standardized four sets of expanded metal patterns, sheet sizes and installation details as KCT01. This semi-bespoke line of expanded metal is packed with Kikukawa’s expertise in bespoke metalwork, providing a shorter lead-time and lower fabrication costs than those made-to-order.

    The following examples are projects that utilized Kikukawa’s KCT01: expanded metal.The first is a hairdresser in Hiroshima, that underwent a facade renovation. The selected expanded metal has a mesh pitch of 203mm, strands of 30mm (product number: CTKEX-D203), and painted white. The 54 panels have standard widths of 985mm, the D-shaped openings are vertically oblong.

    The expanded surface creates a three-dimensional effect. Kikukawa’s simple fastening systems put the large openings to good use.

    KCT01 is equipped with an easy-to-install fastening system, developed and provided by Kikukawa. Thus the hairdresser was able to continue their typical store hours while undergoing the renovation.The selected expanded metal has a mesh pitch of 99mm, strands of 22mm (product number: CTKEX-D99), and painted white. The standard sizes of the 49 expanded metal panels are 990mm(W) by 3000mm(H) with D-shaped openings oblong, installed at a predefined pitch of 1830mm.

    Unlike Kikukawa’s typical bespoke metalworking products, KCT01 is sold on a metal-sheet basis with fastening systems. The semi-bespoke line of perforated expanded metals, Rattan, are also available upon request.