Waterproof rock carpet sounds like a misprint but its not. It works on its own as a beautiful waterproof floor that can be completely custom designed by you. Based on the name "Waterproof Rock Carpet", you would think it has a rough finish while it actually has a very smooth feel with a polished finish. It gets its name from its composition. It's composed of many thousands of tiny rocks and stones of your choice along with water resistant resins finished with epoxy polymers.

How waterproof rock carpet works is pretty simple, it functions as an all-inclusive best answer to your most important home flooring needs because its water and moisture resistant, scratch and dent free, and slip and stain free. Its combination of rocks epoxy polymers and other materials work by drawing away dirt and water from its smooth flat surface which helps keep it clean, dry, slip and slip free. It's truly in a class of it's own.

Any water or moisture that comes into contact with its surface cannot soak or set in because the waterproof resins and epoxy polymers push and pull away liquid and moisture. The water resistant resins and epoxy polymers are responsible for its overall water resistance. Since this flooring is composed of hard materials, ie rocks, stones, resins and hardened epoxy polymers, it does not scratch or dent. The last layer, which is the epoxy polymer is what prevents the scratching. The finished product is so dense that is does not give way to pressure accept to that of demolition strength equipment.

The epoxy polymers not only solidify its surface, but it also works as a shield from the suns harmful rays. Most outdoor nonmetal furniture and flooring fades from the sun. Wood decking and furniture lqaff.com fades the worst. Wood does not fade on it's own, it requires repeated exposure to the sun and the elements.

Waterproof Rock Carpet's dense composition is fade resistant which means you will not have to refinish it due to sun exposure. This on its own will provide substantial savings in the long run. Stainless rock carpet works in the same fashion on just about any flat surface.