Descontracturant, chiromassage ...

A decontractant massage, as the same word indicates, is used to relax the muscles and dissolve the contractures that are produced by stress, repetitive movements, bad posture, lack of rest or a too sedentary life that, in the long term , cause illnesses and general body discomfort.

It's a bit stronger massage than just a relaxing guy. During the massage process, the patient feels great relief and comfort in the most affected areas, with special emphasis on the neck, back, lumbar area, without forgetting also legs, thighs and twins, applying different maneuvers, techniques and specific pressures, identifying That tense and tired musculature, helping her recover her function and normal mobility.

A decontracting massage not only relieves pain or dissolves contracture (which, depending on the time it takes), will have to be treated with more or less sessions, but has other interesting health implications:

Increases blood circulation, improving muscle oxygenation.
Improved mobility and stretch muscle elasticity.
Decreases physical fatigue.
Prevents muscle diseases caused by poor bodily posture.
It releases endorphin, contributing to a pleasant state.
It favors the nervous system
Relax and help sleep well, resting deeply.
Relieves migraines and headaches, whether they are caused by cervical tension, or by excessive toxicity in the body.
In some cases it helps to release emotions, since the body is not separated from our thoughts or our feelings.

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