Fitbit’s most recent smartwatch Versa 2 that has proved it as the best product of the company. It is stylish, affordable and available with different new features. Anyway if you are customizing it initially or want to delete it from the previous device and pair it to a new device, the procedure of doing it is not too long or difficult as far as you know how to do it. If you want to pair it, then this post might be useful for you. Read the blog and follow the instructions to pair the Fitbit versa or Versa 2 with the device.

If you want to pair it, then abide by the given steps:
  1. Launch the Fitbit app and click on the Account tab.
  2. Select the Set up a Device option.
  3. Press the Versa or Versa 2 from the record of available trackers.
  4. Click on the Switch to Versa or customize Versa option.
  5. Scroll the terms and policies option and click on I Agree.
  6. Press the Next option as you have already gone through the “Before we get started” tips.
  7. The device will locate for the Versa using the Bluetooth.
  8. As the Versa is visible, insert numbers displays on the screen.
  9. Click on the Next option to connect Versa to the Wi-Fi network.
  10. Press the Wi-Fi network that you like to like to use.
  11. Insert the password for the network.
  12. Hit the Next option to update the Versa.
  13. Wait until the download or installation procedure completes.
  14. Click on Continue when the whole thing is done.
As you have gone through the wear & care tips
  1. , click on the Next option.
  2. Press Done on the next page.
  3. Hit Okay to connect Versa to the Fitbit app.
How to Get Moving With Versa 2

If you want to get moving with Versa 2, then you can follow the provided steps:
  1. Step up – Versa 2 helps in reaching the objective of 250 steps before pushing you 10 minutes before the hour is finished.
  2. Track your workouts – Use Exercise app to check the captured GPS data, real-time stats and get the workout review too.
  3. Setup the exercises – Select from the several exercise type to track the workout. You can set up the settings for several exercises comprising connected goals and GPS as well as the interval durations.
Live Life With Versa 2

Here are the things you can do to entertain with Versa 2:
  1. Pay from the wrist – Versa 2 has the Fitbit Pay option which allows you to make the purchase and track the method through transit system from the wrist.
  2. Play the music – Pair the Bluetooth headset to the Versa 2 and enjoy the songs for hours and podcast in a music app.
  3. Reply to messages – Watch that is paired to Android device reply directly to messages as well as app notification with already set responses or by listening to your answer.
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