3d bim modeling services

All global companies believe that the future belongs to BIM technologies, as 3D design frees specialists from routine work, helps to avoid many errors and inaccuracies in projects and calculations.
One of the main advantages of 3D modeling is that by providing access to the BIM model of the building for contractors on the construction site, the number of errors in the implementation of CMP and installation of communications is reduced.
It is not always easy to understand what the Customer or Client wants. In this case, the model is the very point of contact, thanks to which everything falls into place.
A ready-made BIM model of the building will allow you to:
1. Make the investment in the project more optimal.
2. Reduce the cost of the project and its implementation time.
3. Determine the estimated cost of the project at the initial stage in order to calculate its payback in the future.
4. Have complete information about the costs in the process of working on the project.
5. Clearly manage and structure the financial flows throughout the life cycle of the structure.
6. Get information about the project that is necessary for making decisions in a convenient and visual form.
The ease of re-applying BIM model objects in a new project is ensured by the presence of customized templates, as well as the parameterization of all elements of the workspace.
How to order a 3D building design
Order 3D design from our specialists anywhere in the world and in other cities. Based on the results of the evaluation, you will be sent a commercial offer with all the necessary documents for the work, the cost of 3D design services. You will be able to specify separately the price for each building information modeling (BIM) service offered by us.
Advantages of 3D design
The BIM model stores information in itself, if an element changes, the program in which you work with the BIM model synchronizes these changes. Architects, engineers, and designers can now work more smoothly.
Also, the advantages of 3D design can be attributed to the fact that for feedback when it is necessary to perform redevelopment of the structure, access to the 3d bim modeling services BIM model is provided for the sales department. It becomes possible to provide buyers with information about their future premises in 3D format for a better visual representation and simulation and visualization of the construction process: combines a 3D model of the object and its construction schedule, thus indicating the existence of certain elements in a certain period of time.