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    WASHINGTON Cheap Minnesota Vikings Hats , June 19 (Xinhua) -- With 18 months left in office and a hostile Congress fully controlled by Republicans who don't budge on sabotaging his agenda, U.S. President Barack Obama has made it clear with aggressive push in many domains that there is no way he would become a "lame duck" who frets over waning clout.

    Yet, when it comes to dealing with rampant mass shooting in the country, which in his words "doesn't happen in other places with this kind of frequency", Obama almost appeared resigned in his latest speech on gun violence that all he could say was that "at some point", America would have to reckon with the ugly fact. If not for anything else Cheap Minnesota Vikings T-Shirts , the mass shooting at Black Church on Wednesday night that killed nine black people by a 21-year-old white man in Charleston, South Carolina, served as a grim reminder that how the authorities' inaction on gun violence could continue to hurt the U.S. public.

    For a long time, mass shooting has already become a banal fact in the United States. According to shootingtracker, a website dedicated to tracking gun violence in the country, there were 283 shooting incidents in the United States in 2014 in which four or more people were shot. In the first five months of 2015 Cheap Minnesota Vikings Hoodie , the number of mass shooting has already reached 119.

    During his presidency, Obama is believed to have already delivered 14 nationwide speeches in the wake of mass shootings. "I 've had to make statements like this too many times," he said on Thursday following the tragic event in South Carolina.

    One of the most notorious mass shootings happened in the Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown, Connecticut in December 2012, in which 20 kids and six adults were shot dead by a 20-year-old gunman.

    The Sandy Hook school shooting Customized Minnesota Vikings Jersey , unlike the majority of mass shooting which unfortunately only stirred emotions in local communities, attracted enough attention to start a nationwide debate over the loose gun control in the country.

    However, nothing happened so far to make the ownership of deadly weapons stricter.

    On the contrary, 20 states have loosened gun laws since the Sandy Hook mass shooting, according to a report of Portland Press Herald.

    Hamstrung by the bipartisan gridlock and powerful gun lobbying groups, the U.S. government is simply too absent-minded to hold its stance Cheap Minnesota Vikings Jerseys , and even the slightest changes in the country's gun policies would meet with adamant opposition.

    Shortly after Wednesday night's massacre at Black Church, Republican presidential hopefuls started an inter-party competition to offer their somber condolences to the victims. But none of them blamed gun.

    You would think it is a common sense to ban private ownership of semiautomatic weapons and to expand background checks on gun purchases, but unfortunately this kind of common sense just simply does not prevail in Washington.
    President Obama is the new Cary Grant

    Just think about it. President Obama is the new Cary Grant. He?s cool, calm, collected, smart Sheldon Richardson Vikings Jersey , funny, handsome, eloquent and well spoken. I wrote this on September 12 and yesterday Stephen Colbert called him ?the Meryl Streep of presidents.? So that means he can nail things in one take.

    The similarities with Cary Grant don?t end there. Cary Grant was the ultimate in sexy sophistication. He dressed great, was athletic, and had a great smile. He defined ?Metro sexual? (before that term was invented) with his impeccable grooming and charm. On the silver screen, Cary Grant moved gracefully and knew his audience. He made everything look easy and natural.

    He was the perfect man ? onscreen. You wanted to watch him and hear that great voice ? words just melted on his tongue. Both women and men loved Cary Grant Trevor Siemian Vikings Jersey , and according to a 2008 poll, people still consider Cary Grant (who died in 1986) to be the most popular actor of all time. He moved across all socio economic, political and cultural lines ? everyone loved him ? men, women, minorities, young Kendall Wright Vikings Jersey , old, rich and poor. Barack Obama is the first person to even come close as far as politicians are concerns. And, actors ? forget it ? even though I love George Clooney ? he is no Cary Grant!

    Cary Grant?s career was a testament to Old Hollywood; he knew what he was good at. He did comedy, drama, satire and Alfred Hitchcock movies! President Obama inhabits all of those roles today and not always by choice. He also knows what he is good at and never strays from his convictions.

    I have seen most, if not all of Cary Grant?s movies. For those of you who share my Cary Grant obsession stay with me here. Can you imagine President Obama playing these Cary Grant characters: The bachelor in the ?Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer Kirk Cousins Vikings Jersey ,? a guy who is accused of doing something he didn?t do and has to do penance by ?chaperoning? a 17 year old Shirley Temple who is infatuated with him. All the while seeming puzzled and finally morphing in to a good sport, goofing it up and winning the affection of Temple?s big sister who is a very smart, accomplished lawyerjudge ? played superbly by Myrna Loy.

    President Obama could easily be Mr. Blandings, in ?Mr. Blandings Building His Dream House.? Cary Grant played that role with a dry wit that was his trademark, verbally sparring with his on screen wife, (again) Myrna Loy. The catastrophe of the home building Mike Remmers Vikings Jersey , and the hilarity that ensued! That movie has one of the greatest comedic moments in film history when Myrna Loy has her ?infamous chat with the painters? on the paint colors she wants for each room. I can just see Michele Obama talking to the painters in the White House. The Blandings? even had two very smart little girls.

    Grant embodied the international jewel thief in ?To Catch a Thief;? slinking from house to house over the rooftops, living la viva loca in the South of France and romancing Grace Kelly. Grant?s character never gave too much of h. Wholesale England Soccer Jerseys Ederson Brazil Jersey Wholesale Switzerland Soccer Jerseys Marcus Rohden Sweden Jersey Pedro Rodriguez Spain Jersey Nestor Araujo Mexico Jersey Mats Hummels Germany Jersey Cheap Team Sweden Hockey Jerseys Cheap North America Hockey Jerseys Cheap Wild Jerseys