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    " China's sports authorities have started selecting promotion ambassadors for the popular public hobby ""square dancing Davinson Sanchez Colombia Jersey ,"" vowing to make it a key player in the national fitness drive.

    The line dancing craze has swept the nation, with groups of primarily female retirees gathering at parks, or any spare piece of pavement, to dance to various genres of music. However Carlos Valderrama Colombia Jersey , in many cities it has caused conflicts, as the music can be disturbing to neighbors, and public spaces are also very limited.

    Miao Zhongyi, vice director of the gymnastics management center of the General Administration of Sport Carlos Sanchez Moreno Colombia Jersey , said square dancing has became the most popular fitness program in China in terms of the number of participants and coverage.

    He also said square dancing faces a number of challenges and needs further support, as well as better management.

    Registration for the ambassador selection will end on June 30. Authorities expect to choose 300 final winners from the national campaign.

    The Line Dance Center of the administration will then organize training sessions from July 15, with the assistance of approved promotion ambassadors all across the country.

    The key responsibilities of the ambassadors include promoting a healthy, scientific way of square dancing in an orderly manner Carlos Bacca Colombia Jersey , according to Miao.

    China included the fitness campaign as a national strategy in its 12 Five-Year Plan (2010-2015) and square dancing is regarded as a key component of new efforts.
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    BERLIN, Sept. 18 (Xinhua) -- Following is the result of a German Bundesliga match on Friday:

    Mainz bt Hoffenheim 3-1

    Playing on Saturday

    VfL Wolfsburg vs Hertha Berlin

    Hamburg vs Eintracht Frankfurt

    Werder Bremen vs Ingolstadt 04

    Cologne vs M'gladbach

    SV Darmstadt 98 vs Bayern Munich

    Playing on Sunday

    VfB Stuttgart vs Schalke 04

    Borussia Dortmund vs Bayer Leverkusen

    FC Augsburg vs Hanover
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