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    PARIS Jorge Torres Nilo Mexico Jersey , Sept. 13 (Xinhua) -- French Prime Minister EdouardPhilippe said on Wednesday that he was aware of the public angerover the controversial labor reform, but insisted that the newregulations would be pushed through.

    "The protest I respect it, it exists, it is there, I listen.Freedom to demonstrate is a fundamental right in France and thosewho are concerned or opposed this text have the perfect right toprotest Jorge Torres Mexico Jersey ," Philippe told France 2 television.

    "I am listening and I am paying attention. But let me allowmyself to state that the French, when they vote, also have a rightto be treated with respect. And the reform that we are putting inplace, it was announced by the president at the time of theelection," he added.

    Philippe's remarks came a day after street protests took placenationwide. CGT hard-line union said 400 Jesus Molina Mexico Jersey ,000 protesters took partyin the protests across the country while police set the number at223,000.

    Denouncing "social coup d'etat," demonstrators headed by figuresfrom the hard-left "Unbowed France" party refused a reform aimed tolessen labor rules and offer the companies more freedom in terms ofrecruitment, firing and pay conditions.

    Philippe Martinez, leader of the country's second-biggest union Jesus Manuel Corona Mexico Jersey ,said Tuesday's movement was "a first phase," and fresh action wasscheduled for Sept. 21, a day before the adoption of the new rulesby the government.

    "It's not a showdown at all. I don't consider it like that.There is still a number of elements to discuss ... the unions knowthis perfectly," the French prime minister said.

    For decades, governments from the right and the left had triedto reform the country's rigid labor rules but weeks of nationwidestreet protests forced them to dilute their proposals. Enditem
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    How to know if you have a weak immune system?

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    These are some warning signs that depict your body's immune system is not strong enough to fight the microorganisms and you need to do something right now to restore immunity power.

    There are some natural ways to build immune system:

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