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    by Haleem

    KABUL Cheap Air Max Shoes , Sept. 17 (Xinhua) -- It is morning rush hour, around 08: 30 a.m. local time, when motorists, cyclists and pedestrians are on wary for their offices, schools and their businesses but a mud- soaked man in tattered dress was rolling at the side of a dusty road here in 8th precinct of Kabul city to take rest.

    Seems in his 30s, obviously older than his real age Cheap Air Max , and was too weak to stand, the ill-fated man was asking for alms to smoke.

    "Just one dose," he asked.

    "Getting addiction to drug has smashed my life. My family has rejected me and I am an isolated person in family and in society," the feeble man told Xinhua.

    Being too weak to speak and reveal his name, the shabby man murmured, "I need money to buy powder (heroin) even very small amount Cheap Nike Air Max Womens , otherwise I am dying."

    He was unable to tell more about his ordeal.

    In Afghanistan, a country provides some 90 percent of the world 's raw material used in manufacturing heroin, addiction to drug is going to become major problem in the conflict-ridden society.

    More than one million drug addicts are in the strife-torn Afghanistan, according to officials and the number is rising.

    Although the government has been fighting for poppy eradication and drug menace, drug addicts are seen everywhere in the war-torn country even in its capital city Kabul.

    Pul-e-Sokhta, a slum neighborhood in west of Kabul is famous for housing drug addicts wherein scores of addicts languishing among piles of garbage under a bridge to take their doses either by smoking or syringes.

    Cracking down against drug addicts Cheap Nike Air Max Online , the security forces occasionally roundup the drug addicts from under Pul-e-Sokhta area and other parts of city and take them to hospitals or their houses but assemble there within days.

    The ongoing conflicts and militancy, according to officials, is the main reason for poppy cultivation and drug trafficking in Afghanistan.

    Taliban former stronghold the southern Helmand province and adjoining provinces of Kandahar and Zabul where militants are active have been producing major parts of poppy in Afghanistan.

    Afghans mostly in the areas where security is fragile and government's control is weak are planting poppy and hashish instead of legal crops, rice, wheat etc. Since the price of opium poppy and hashish is several times more than rice and wheat, the farmers prefer to cultivate illegal crops.

    One km hashish at doorstep Cheap Nike Air Max Sale , according to the farmers is at least 3,000 Afghanis (exchange rate of 1 U.S. dollar is 57 Afghanis) while the price of 7 kg wheat is 300 Afghanis and the price of seven kg rice is 600 Afghanis.

    The price of one kg poppy is much more than that of hashish.

    Poppy cultivation and drug producing has proved lethal weapon in conflict-hit Afghanistan and gradually claiming the lives of Afghans.

    "My brother became drug addict in Iran and after returning to Afghanistan in 2002, he died two years ago," Rahmat Shah of Baghlan province told Xinhua.

    by Xinhua writers Hu Tao, Xu Xiaoqing, Ji Ming

    SHANGHAI Cheap Nike Air Max White , Sept. 2 (Xinhua) -- A list naming 13,732 Jewish refugees who took safe haven in China during World War II carved into a 34-meter-long copper wall was unveiled in Shanghai on Tuesday.

    Constructed in the Shanghai Jewish Refugee Museum at the former site of Ohel Moshe Synagogue, the monument was opened to the public the day before the 69th anniversary of China's victory in the anti-Japanese war.

    "The list is particularly meaningful. All of [the refugees] survived harsh days in the war and sheltered in Shanghai", said Sonja Muehlberger, 75, a German activist who was born into a Jewish family in Shanghai in 1939.

    Names of her family were also on the list Cheap Nike Air Max Shoes , which originated from the appendix of Exile in Shanghai:1938-1947, a German book exploring the time period.

    Sonja contributed to the book and proofread the list, which was initially compiled by three Jewish girls during the war.

    "Shanghai was the only place in the world open to Jewish refugees. We will never forget the city," said Sonja.


    Shanghai gained fame as a refuge for those fleeing Germany in World War II, accommodating about 20,000 Jewish refugees at the height of the war Cheap Nike Air Max , said Pan Guang, a researcher at Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences.

    Japanese invaders restricted their residences to the so called ghetto for stateless refugees in northeastern Shanghai's Hongkou District.

    China's anti-Japanese war was an important part of the World Anti-Fascist War. Despite being incomplete, the list is a precious record to mark the period's history, Pan said.

    In the 1930s and 40s, Shanghai granted access to Jews who escaped from the Nazi Holocaust in Europe, where 6 million Jews were massacred.

    Thousands of Jewish refugees flooded into Shanghai via two major channels: on a sea route from Europe to Southeast Asia and then to Shanghai; those from Eastern European took train across Eurasia Cheap Air Max Womens , Siberia into the northeast China, and then arrived in Shanghai.

    In Shanghai, they built a community life and shared with the woes of the Chinese people living under Japanese occupation.

    The Shanghai Jewish Refugee Museum and the Jewish Jewish Studies Center of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences have jointly collected and studied information on the city's refugees, said Pan.

    A database of the recorded names has been set up and opened to public inquiries.


    At least 500 Jewish babies were born during the refugee period and became collectively known as "Shanghai Babies."

    Sonja was a "Shanghai Baby" born at a hospital in the concession area of Shanghai. Her father, Hermann Krips, left the space blank when naming for his newly-born daughter Cheap Air Max Online , instead calling her "Baby Krips."

    Three "Shanghai babies" were also believed to be the original producers of the name
    CAIRO, Sept. 16 (Xin.