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Clean gourd type incense printing furnace

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  • Clean gourd type incense printing furnace

    This exhibit is a relic of the qing dynasty. It is 4.7 cm high and 12.4 cm long. In the shape of calabash, this piece of incense printing furnace is made of copper, copper, brass and white copper, with four layers of cover, burning, storage, and base, and a press plate, shovel and scraper. Hearthstone inscription on furnace cover: "round and not round, square and not square, built in it, two rules forgotten." The bottom casting has the regular script style of "nantong yuehu, jiangsu imitation of ancient wang donglin". Because its burning spices mainly with rutin, also known as yunyun incense burner. Nantong human ding yuehu improved its modeling, furnace body, so that "the humble can not be enjoyed by you" of the incense printing furnace into exquisite cultural games. The furnace cover often valuable.such handiwork into all sorts of beautiful words or design, the most distinctive is cast a layer of fine logo or printing of mould, make after burning incense ashes to form a continuous "fragrance of" design. It is now housed in nantong museum of natural history.

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