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  • Shanghai nike air max 97 tilbud

    RIO DE JANEIRO, Nov. 14 (Xinhua) -- Brazil has seen a rise insyphilis cases, including congenital syphilis, in the past fewyears, state news agency Agencia Brasil reported on Monday, quotingthe latest Health Ministry report.

    The Health Ministry report shows that the cases of acquiredsyphilis in adults rose 32.7 percent from 2014 to 2015. In pregnantwomen, syphilis cases rose 20.9 percent, and the cases ofcongenital syphilis, in which a pregnant woman passes the diseaseto her baby, rose 19 percent during the same period.

    The ministry considers the rise in syphilis cases an epidemic.The report of all the three forms of syphilis -- the regular one,in pregnant women and in newborns -- is required, which helps theministry track the advance of the disease.

    Adele Benzaken, head of the ministry's Department for thePrevention and Control of AIDS, STDs and Viral Hepatitis, said thatover the past five years, "syphilis was not at a level oferadication, but it was stable, and suddenly the number of casesincreased."

    Benzaken attributed the rise to a combination of factors,including a decrease in the use of condoms among youngerBrazilians.

    In order to tackle the rise in syphilis cases in Brazil, theministry launched last month a campaign to raise awareness aboutthe disease. Enditem

    There’s no point in belittling your single relationship status and so is taking part in singles holidays all by your self. Having a vacation on your own really should not be deemed as a pathetic circumstance considering that it ought to be considered as an opportunity to go to new places and get to know other individuals air max 97 blå , most particularly yourself. This write-up lists 4 ideas that you simply need to keep in mind when going to a singles holiday.


    Before booking a flight and rushing to the place where you plan to devote your singles holidays in, you might have to make a great research first. Make certain that the place you might be going to features activities which you take pleasure in doing. Hunt for adequate information relating to likely entertaining spots, like bars, restos air max 97 silver tilbud , accommodations and beaches.


    Having a breathing space for days doesn’t indicate that your safety measures would already turn into lax. You should not forget that your security is your number one concern, so make sure that each and every time you go out of the hotel on your own, you’d fill them in relating to your whereabouts and make an inquiry about spots that you simply ought to be cautious about. Also, take your cellphone with you nike air max 97 gold køb , and give them your number. You need to also save in your phonebook the number of the following: your hotel, hospital, local police and taxi firms.

    Eating Out

    Since food consumption is obviously a must, you should truly take caution in deciding for a place to dine. You might wish to refrain from eating in romantic restos where customers are normally couples. Busy restaurants are rather suggested for you to really feel at ease.

    Alone Time

    Clearly nike air max 97 guld , you would be expecting an ample quantity of alone time in the course of singles holidays. It really is advised that you bring something you could have an excellent read from each time you will be bored. Besides this, bring an iPod with you, but refrain from listening to love songs.

    Looking to find the best destination for singles holidays, then visit our site to find out more about hotels in St Lucia.

    ACCRA nike air max 97 hvid , Dec. 2 (Xinhua) -- Ghana will hold its first-ever national Paralympic sports festival in Accra from December 11-13 as part of efforts to promote the sports in the country, a senior official said here on Tuesday.

    The festival is aimed at providing an opportunity for sportsmen and women to exhibit their talents while unearthing talents for the various national teams in preparation for the 2016 Olympic Games, said Ignatius Elletey, General Secretary of the Ghana Paralympic Committee.

    "The festival will also promote the Paralympic movement in Ghana as well as create awareness on disability and para-sports in Ghana and the need for people to support para-athletes air max 97 sort ," he said.

    Over 200 para-athletes drawn from the ten regions of Ghana, are expected to participate in the three-day event at the Accra Sports Stadium and to compete in athletics, goalball, table tennis , basketball, taekwondo, amputee football, and tennis.

    The festival will be under the sponsorship of Agitos Foundation nike air max 97 danmark , the technical arm of the International Paralympic Committee, and Ghana's national sports council.

    Ghana's disability team has contributed a significant amount of medals to Team Ghana at international games over the years and will be expected to play leading roles in sports in the years ahead.

    Some of the country's leading para-athletes are Ajara Mohammed, Anita Fordjour, Alem Mumuni and Botsyo Nkegbe.
    Actor Jing Boran (L) poses for a photo with his life-size wax figure during an unveiling ceremony at the Madame Tussauds in Shanghai nike air max 97 tilbud , east China, Feb. 3, 2018. (XinhuaChen Fei)
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