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    BERLIN Cheap Adidas Yeezy , Sept. 29 (Xinhua) -- Borussia Dortmund is striving to close the gap on the big boys of European football as far as international marketing is concerned.

    The club will soon launch a widespread campaign in Asia and is initially aiming to earn up to 20 million euro per season and then increase the figure in the future, said club boss Hans-Joachim Watzke in an interview with Xinhua.

    Speaking of Dortmund's plans of playing a major role in the international market in the near future, Watzke said Japanese midfielder Shinji Kagawa's return from Manchester United "opens the doors for us to the Asian market."

    "We're still way behind clubs like Manchester United, Real Madrid and Barcelona and it might take us up to decades to catch up, but we are a unique brand with soul and passion that attracts people around the globe," said Watzke, who estimates Manchester United's annual turnover in Asia to be anything between 50 and 100 million euro.

    In October 2014 Cheap Adidas NMD , Dortmund will open an office in Singapore to start its international networking. "Next year in summer, we'll go on a big Asian tour but not only with our players. We want to be reliable partner all through the year and do a lot of media work in Asia," Watzke added.

    As the Dortmund club chairman explained, there is a special story behind the club. "If you look back at 2005, we were almost dead as a club as we nearly went bankrupt. Now, about 10 years later, we are back among Europe's elite and it shows the strength and determination we have within our club."

    To be successful in the future Cheap Adidas Superstar , Borussia has to be a part of the Champions League. "Germany obviously won the 2014 World Cup and the Bundesliga is now the world champion's league but another great advertisement for the country's football was the all-German Champions League final between Bayern and Dortmund in 2013," he said.

    According to Watzke, German football for decades cared little about international marketing and international TV coverage.

    "The Premier League and La Liga have worked hard in Asia and are almost out of sight for the rest of the football world. But in the last years, the Bundesliga's governing body, has started to change that on a highly professional basis," said Watzke.

    Together with its partner Evonik, a German chemicals company Cheap Adidas Shoes , Dortmund is touring countries like China, Japan, Poland and the United Kingdom with a "football training camp". Evonik recently extended their sponsoring contract with Dortmund until 2025. The deal is worth up to 300 million euros.

    For Evonik, the Asian market plays a vital role in its business relations. "What not many people know is that Bundesliga matches are today shown regularly on Chinese television every Saturday night. Borussia Dortmund, as one of the big German clubs, is one of the major players. It means 750 million people in China watch Dortmund and its partner Evonik," explains Klaus Engel Cheap Adidas Original From China , Evonik's CEO.

    Dortmund's reputation of being special people's club is not fiction. "When Premier League clubs hear that we still have standing space for 28,000 fans in Dortmund with a total capacity of 80 000 and tickets cost between 11 to 12 euros then they start to laugh about us. But our message is, football has to be priced so that ordinary people can come along and watch. It will be an important part of our customer relations," Watzke said.

    So far Borussia Dortmund has been successful and see itself among the best teams in Europe. Dortmund won its first group game against the English club FC Arsenal by 2-0. Dortmund lost the 20122013 Champions League final to Bayern Munich (1-2). In the season 20132014 they reached the quarterfinal against Real Madrid (0-32-0).

    JERUSALEM, Oct. 12 (Xinhua) -- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described the Ebola virus outbreak as "a major threat to the country's borders" on Sunday, warning that Israel had to be prepared to deal with the deadly virus.

    Speaking at a Sunday meeting on how to deal with the outbreak, Netanyahu said the virus posed a major threat for the country's borders Cheap Authentic Adidas Original , along with "illegal infiltrators and terrorism."

    "As part of the effort to defend its borders, Israel is preparing to stop, as much as possible, the entry of Ebola patients," Netanyahu said. "This is a global epidemic and we are cooperating with other countries ... We are taking a number of steps to isolate patients, if they arrive, and also to care for them within our health care system. We hope that isn't necessary Cheap Adidas Original Wholesale , but we are preparing for all the possibilities."

    Netanyahu instructed that customs and border protection personnel question all travelers arriving in Israel who have been in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, the epicenter of the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, and pose a high risk of spreading the lethal disease. In addition, informational signs about Ebola in Hebrew, English, French and Arabic have been placed at border crossings Buy Cheap Adidas Original , the Prime Minister's Office said in a statement.

    The new entry screening will apply at all airports, land crossings and seaports, and is the latest in a series of measures announced recently to identify and treat persons entering Israel from the three Ebola-stricken nations who may have contracted the virus, according to the release.

    Representatives of the Health, Transportation, Interior, Foreign and Justice Ministries attended the discussion Cheap Adidas Original Sale , along with officials from the Israel police, Airports Authority and the army, the release read.

    Passengers at several African airports are already subject to mandatory screenings before allowed to board planes. So far, only one individual suspected of having been infected with Ebola has entered Israel. A 28-year-old Nigerian health worker was admitted to a Jerusalem hospital just over a week ago for a fever and placed in isolation while being tested for possible Ebola. It is unclear whether the new screening
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