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This cult jewellery brand is about to become a whole lot more collectible

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  • This cult jewellery brand is about to become a whole lot more collectible

    As Pandora Outlet Store Online launches its most collectible collection to date, Vogue sat down with design duo Francesco Terzo and A.Filippo Ficarelli to talk precious metals, charms and letting your accessories shine.

    “We will never forget about our charm and bracelets,” adds Ficarelli. “For us [it’s] super core, even if we want to become a jewellery brand and not only a charm and bracelet brand. But at the end, we will never forget the idea.”

    Largely due to the charms, fans of Pandora Rings Cheap become addicted to collecting pieces from the cornerstone label. Ficarelli and Terzo plan to continue this interaction with the brand; their new 70-piece collection is made up more than must-have charms but also stackable rings, necklaces where the pendant can be switched out and replaced with others, mismatched earrings and more, the options are endless. The duo are now working in sterling silver, Pandora rose (their iteration of rose gold) and they have just launched a new revolutionary metal titled Shine.

    Disney Pandora Charms Sale was something that added another value to the picture. It’s an amazing material,” Ficarelli tells me. The Shine metal has a golden glint to it, created by way of an ancient technique of dipping sterling silver in 18-K plated gold. “We wanted to bring to our consumers the gold, into an affordable price but [also of] quality. This was the vision around the material.”

    For this duo, it’s all about the wearer and giving them infinite ways to accessorise, style, collect and coordinate. “In the end, the consumer can really explore their personality. Our idea is really exploring the possibility that the Pandora Charms Clearance gives to you.”