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cheapest pest control company

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  • cheapest pest control company

    Who doesn't like summer? Warm weather, longer days, spending more time outside. The answer to that unfortunately is mosquitoes. Here in Florida, mosquitoes can be harsh, often pushing homeowners inward to avoid itch control insect control by exit mosquitoes is not only annoying - it is also very dangerous.
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    Mosquitoes are one of the world's deadliest animals, causing more than 750,000 deaths and transmitting diseases such as malaria, Zika virus and West Nile to humans. Moreover, they can transmit diseases to our pets as well - such as a heart worm. In general, these pests pose a very real threat, especially for homeowners in Florida. So, what should a person do? With the emergence of Zika virus in the news last year or so, mosquito prevention has become a bigger conversation than ever before.

    We need to be more vigilant than ever in combating these annoying insects. So, where do you start? There are a million things you can do to deter mosquitoes from stinging you. But first - let's talk about the most common ways you attract them without knowing it.
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    No need to maintain your garden because the
    grass provides a wonderful cover of sun heat and protection from the wind that can give them away, mosquitoes like to rest in long grass. When you don't cut grass, you give mosquitoes an ideal place to hang out and reproduce. The shorter the grass and plant, the less chance of hiding. Most homeowners like to keep a beautiful garden for aesthetic purposes, but more importantly, you should do it for mosquito prevention. Fortunately, this is an easily avoidable problem. Here are some tips to make sure your
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    garden is on a check this summer: mow the lawn too much to reduce the shade and prevent the wind from long grass.
    Cut off the dense vegetation to dissuade mosquitoes from nesting.

    Remove debris that provides extra cover for mosquitoes such as grass clippings, piles of leaves, sticks and twigs.
    The second mistake: having water
    did you know that 75% of the mosquito life cycle is spent in stagnant water?

    This is where mosquitoes can breed and breed - making it an endless problem for homeowners. Stagnant water is a fresh water pond of any size that does not flow. In order for mosquitoes to breed, they need water - but they don't need much of it! So, you might think, "I don't live near a watery flat, and I have no pond. Where can they breed? "We'll tell you: They can put eggs in less than the water layer at the bottom of the toothbrush holder. Or stagnant water the size of a bottle of water. Yes, this small amount of water can be enough to reproduce!
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