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  • Abdurrahman Swehli,

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    Understanding about the World wide web can appear like a daunting task since of all the information that is available. But, just don't forget that every person had to take individuals very first couple of measures to lead to success. The far more you open oneself up to understanding, the far better your odds are of ultimately profiting in this game. Use every tip to your utmost advantage. " TRIPOLI, Oct. 23 (Xinhua) -- A Libyan senior official said on Monday that the key to the success of a political agreement is the end of violence and fighting between Libyans.

    Abdurrahman Swehli, head of Libya's Higher Council of State Cory Schneider USA Jersey , made his remark in a televised speech on the sixth anniversary of overthrowing the former regime.

    ""We appeal to our partners in the country who did not participate in the Feb. 17 uprising or reject it... to resort to reason and join those seeking to build a modern state of Libya, which guarantees the right of citizenship for all without elimination,"" Swehli said.

    ""The success of the political agreement and the UN road map is linked to cease of violence and fighting by all parties, who seek to achieve certain political interests, which all Libyans reject because they believe that violence generates counter-violence Brian Rafalski USA Jersey ,"" Swehli added.

    ""Such success is also linked to commitment of the international community to its long-standing obligations to address all negative local and regional interventions, which are supported by international forces,"" Swehli explained.

    Libya has been struggling to make a democratic transition following the 2011 uprising that toppled the late Gaddafi's regime. The North African country is plagued with insecurity and political division.

    In mid September, Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General and Head of UN Support Mission in Libya Ghassan Salame proposed an action plan to end Libya's political stalemate.

    The plan includes amendment of the current UN-sponsored political agreement, holding a UN-sponsored national conference for all Libyan political factions Brandon Dubinsky USA Jersey , adopting a constitution, and finally election of a president and a parliament.

    Swehli stressed that the Council is open to all initiatives to solve the country's political crisis, pointing to the significance of ensuring the success of the UN-sponsored negotiations to achieve a genuine partnership that would lead to a decisive political settlement.

    " "
    Nine out of 10 people globally are breathing poor quality air, the World Health Organization said Tuesday, calling for dramatic action against pollution that is blamed for more than six million deaths a year.

    New data in a report from the UN's global health body ""is enough to make all of us extremely concerned Blake Wheeler USA Jersey ,"" Maria Neira, the head of the WHO's department of public health and environment, told reporters.

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