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Yeti has been selling coolers

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  • Yeti has been selling coolers

    Since 2006, Wholesale Yeti Rambler has been selling coolers geared toward use in the fishing industry. The company was established by brothers Roy and Ryan Seidars, both of whom worked in the industry and were tired of having to replace coolers that were not up to their standards. They fixed problems such as poor insulation and low-quality handles and latches, and YETI Coolers was born. Carl told me about how YETI created these tumblers with the same insulation technology and durability used to create the well-known coolers. I was fortunate enough to have one of the travel mugs, the YETI Rambler 20 (ounce), sent to me for review.

    Before moving further of this Yeti Tumblers 30 Oz Review, let’s take a look at the details: the tumblers are made with kitchen-grade 18/8 stainless steel and double-wall vacuum insulation. They hold ice two times longer than plastic tumblers and are made for maximum ice retention. But they’re also great for hot beverages. They are BPA free and have a clear lid that incorporates the YETI logo, which is also included on the lower portion of the stainless steel body (as seen in the photo above). The travel mugs are described as being “over-engineered,” which is never a bad thing considering you want it to last. After all, high-quality, indestructible coolers are what the company is all about.

    After opening the package my Yeti Wholesale Prices was delivered in, it was evident the mug was sturdy, but it wasn’t especially heavy. Maybe a bit bulkier than what I was accustomed to using to transport my morning coffee to work, but not enough to really notice. On average, I drink about three cups of coffee each morning. I’ve been told by some people this is far too much, while others have informed me it’s not nearly enough. For background, I live in Michigan. It’s been a cold winter. I typically pour my coffee into a travel mug, let it cool down during the approximate 15-minute drive to work, and it’s at the perfect temperature to drink by the time I get settled at my desk.

    But that was in the summer. By the time I arrive at work when the ground is layered with snow and ice, my coffee tends to be cold. I don’t really want to get on the tangent of complaining about reheated coffee. In short, it’s never good. The Colored Yeti Cups 20 Oz has helped significantly. If there’s any problem remaining, it might be that my coffee is still too hot to drink when I get to work. This mug delivers when it claims to hold temperatures. I’ve taken to pouring a bit of coffee at a time from the Rambler into a traditional coffee mug, which is reminiscent of my weekend mornings when I keep refilling my mug from the coffee pot. It’s always hot.