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Record-setting ‘World Of Warcraft’ guild closes

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  • Record-setting ‘World Of Warcraft’ guild closes

    Record-setting ‘World Of Warcraft’ guild closes

    As spotted by Dexerto, Maitoz announced the closure of APES in a livestream on Thursday (September 9). APES is a famous guild in the World Of Warcraft community, as it was the first group to clear the Molten Core and defeat Ragnaros in World Of Warcraft Classic back in 2019.To get more news about buy world of warcraft items, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

    Discussing his decision, Maitoz stated “enough is enough” and that he is quitting the game, meaning “APES won’t function as a guild anymore”. Maitoz feels that the game has become “a money factory for boosters” with a “complete bot meta”, further stating there is “no real PVP in the world” available anymore.
    Fellow APES member ‘prefoxfox‘ explained that because Maitoz has quit “The guild won’t continue”, though some players within the guild may form another group to continue playing together.

    Last month, MMO streamer Asmongold predicted there would be “massive changes” to World Of Warcraft and accused the World Of Warcraft developers of being “too slow at making decisions”. He further added that “they do not listen to the player base, and they constantly make mistakes, and they’re always wrong with those decisions.”

    Following California’s lawsuit against Activision Blizzard – which alleges a “frat boy culture” – multiple inappropriate and sexual jokes will be removed from World Of Warcraft. This follows the removal of references to three World Of Warcraft developers from the game, all three of which left the company after the lawsuit.

    In other news, update five for Satisfactory will improve vehicle automation, buff truck stations and reduce the amount of fuel that trucks will take.