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State of the Art Pasteurization System

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  • State of the Art Pasteurization System

    State of the Art Pasteurization System

    The phrase “State of the Art” has been used since 1910 and in the case of this post’s title it refers to the highest level of development of an egg products pasteurizer. This Apotek Solutions pasteurization system is the most powerful, most efficient and most versatile in the industry today. No other pasteurizer has the capability to produce ESL products with 120+ days of shelf life and with the push of a button switch to salted egg yolks or high-whip egg whites. Our system not only includes the latest pump, heat exchanger, homogenizer, valve and controls technology; it also includes the knowhow that comes from our team’s decades of experience building and installing systems around the world.To get more news about Egg cracking machine, you can visit dinneregg official website.

    Our ApoWave® cavitation technology for homogenization and heating allows pasteurization of ESL products for extended periods of time without destroying the product’s functional properties like other technologies. This outstanding technology combines homogenization and heating into a single step reducing the overall energy requirements of the system. Traditional high-pressure, high-maintenance homogenizers use a large amount of energy to simply homogenize whereas the ApoWave® technology uses the homogenizing energy to heat the product by up to 10°C (18°F).

    The automated Heat Exchanger incorporates a true hydraulic opening and closing mechanism that eliminates wear-prone spindles and complicated PLC systems.

    At the center of the system, especially designed holding tubes optimize flow patterns for consistent results. The holding tube is the most important part of every pasteurization system as it is here where the pasteurization process takes place and the target log reductions are achieved.

    The pasteurization system incorporates Apotek’s exclusive Peroxide Injection System for low temperature pasteurization of liquid egg whites. The heat+peroxide method allows processors to produce liquid or frozen egg whites with exceptional functional properties. The unit is designed to inject a tightly controlled stream of peroxide into the holding tube for optimum results and reducing overuse.

    It also incorporates an integrated self-cleaning system with automatic chemical injection. This allows independent cleaning of the pasteurizer for greater flexibility.

    Ordinary pasteurizers produce ordinary product; Apotek’s exceptional pasteurizers produce exceptional products. Should processors be constrained by the limitations of an “cookie cutter” pasteurization system? We don’t think so!