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Flooring decking

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  • Flooring decking

    precipitation, began to fight back: Some companies focus on material segmentation, the main Burma teak flooring, African rosewood flooring; some brand focus Color innovation, the introduction of plastic wood flooring, Dali (real estate) stone flooring; more brands focus on technological innovation, and constantly upgrade the lock floor products. Recently, the sixth generation of retractable lockout floor production, to the subversive function to change the use of the floor and paving tradition, become the first choice of 80, 90 after the
    wedding room decoration floor materials. The status quo Great demand for domestic wood flooring market As a real estate downstream industries, the flooring industry is largely subject to the property market development and macroeconomic trends. Although the overall turnover of the upstream real estate has declined in recent years,tarkett wood flooring installation the total demand for floor decoration materials has basically remained stable. According to the 2014 China National Floor Sales Statistics Report released by the China Forest Products Industry Association Flooring Professional Committee, although the overall wood floor consumption in the whole country dropped by 2.8% in 2014, the total volume was staggering. Th
    e total sales volume of the scale flooring enterprises reached 388 million square meters, of which,compressive strength of pvc 212 million square meters of flooring, 97 million square meters of parquet, 41 million square meters of solid wood flooring. On the other hand, after 30 years of extensive development of the domestic flooring industry, market competition has become extremely fierce.composite or redwood deck In recent years, due to the sharp rise of raw materials and unreasonable industrial structure, the era of huge profits of Chinese flooring has come to an end. A