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application materials were reviewed and recommended

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  • application materials were reviewed and recommended

    Co., Ltd. contractors. In an interview with the reporter of China Green Times, the organizer said that the wood flooring industry, as an important part of China's forestry industry, has been at the forefront of the development of low-carbon industries in China in terms of utilization of raw materials and product technology innovation. At present, the low-carbon economy has become the general trend of China's economic development in the future and poses a challenge to China's economic and social development,laminate deck boards especially its industrial
    development. Therefore, China's flooring companies must pay attention to and implement the 'low-carbon strategy' in order to win the competition in the international and domestic markets and gain more space for development. Hope that the Chinese flooring industry in the world floor conference on this platform has been harvested and fully demonstrated themselves. The industry elites from China,fence and deck sprayer the United States, Italy, Russia and Belgium made keynote speeches and heated discussions on such topics as 'the development
    direction of the flooring industry in China', 'the flooring industry cluster and competing development'. According to the spirit of the Circular of the State Council's Office for rectification of winds on the notification of reservation of awards for commendable compliance,cedar wood walls and ceilings in accordance with the requirements of the Measures for the Administration of Forestry Industry Innovation Awards, and upon the study of the China Forestry Industry Association, commissioned the floor expert committee of China's Forest Products