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the new concept of wood flooring

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  • the new concept of wood flooring

    to enjoy the rebate base 100% discount macro-resistant marketing person in charge of such an account, if consumers buy 10,000 yuan during the macro Resistant to the floor,luxury vinyl composite wpc
    the base is returned to 10,000 yuan, 5 years after the purchase of macro-resistant flooring, you can enjoy the return of 50% or 5000 yuan discount, so the second purchase of 1.5 million floor only need to spend 10,000 yuan 10 years later, you can enjoy the rebate base of 100% that is, 10,000 yuan discount, spent 5,000 yuan you can buy 15,000 yuan
    floor.With the improvement of living standards, more and more consumer concept of decoration from the 'practical 'To' fashion ', Therefore, the second decoration period is also shortened to about 8 years.Cometres came up with 'the first consumer for the second consumer bill' promotional 'ideas', some consumers think that although there is no shortage of gimmicks,screws for composite decking
    but this is the first The second decoration 'stored value' in the form of a certain degree of attraction.Industry sound new concept promotion Refraction harmony, rational
    competition In the face of golden wood weeks before the new concept of wood flooring industry sales promotion, China Forestry Industry Association Secretary-General Zhang Wenling that the current flooring industry The competition started from 'price warfare' and 'functional warfare' to 'service warfare' and 'cultural warfare' to a certain extent,2ft iron fences in HongKong
    reflecting that the industry is relatively mature in terms of production technology, management mechanism and corporate culture, and the market competition But also tend to be more