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    If your doctor has indicated you have strained fascia after a sports injury , have a myofascial massage to promote a quicker recovery. Because fascia tissue is a network extending through this whole body, muscle tears and inflammation can affect not only the local area muscles, tendons, joints, nerves and organs also. By causing the nerve and muscle-rich fascia to release tension tension, a massage can help you to minimize pain,reduce tension and ease the way for complete healing.

    Prior To Getting A Myofascial Massage Evaluate Your Pain

    1) Determine if the source of ongoing pain is identifiable, such as a muscle strain caused by a sports trauma, or is of unidentifiable origin such as the results of long term bad posture.

    2) Identify, if possible , other health issues which could aggravate the main source of pain, such as weak arches or one leg being shorter than the other.

    3) consider whether the chronic pain is within the tendon, joint or facial tissue. Tendon and joint discomfort is often experienced as a throbbing. Fascia pain is often a shooting or burning, and most often occurs in the leg, foot or back.

    Get the Correct Myofascial ReleaseMyofascial Massage Therapy

    1) If you have a specific, painful neuro-muscular condition, do see a sports medicine physician. He may combine myofascial release therapy in the problem area with other exercises and techniques to help you heal and build your strength.

    2) Schedule an appointment with a licensed massage practitioner who specializes in myofascial release therapy. An intense course of treatment is excellent for trauma from falls, accident victims and carpal tunnel syndrome.

    3) Get a myofascial massage from a regular massage technician during a coventiona full-body massage treatment. Ask your therapist provide special attention to myofascia in your neck, foot or wherever pain recurs for you.

    Tips & Warnings

    Fascia is connecting tissue that enmeshes the body’s bones, muscles and organs.

    Body awareness will prevent you having a relapse or reinjury of your myofascial tissue. Periodic myofascial treatments strengthens body awareness.

    Your myofascial therapist will coordinate with your dosctor to integrate myofascial massage with your healthcare.

    You will be undressed for this treatment , however a blanket or sheet will cover those areas where the therapist is not working.

    Before getting a myofascial release massage check with your doctor if you have osteoporosis, epilepsy or any other medical condition that could be aggravated by energetic deep tissue massage.

    While massage can relieve symptoms of myofascial stress, the injury cannot heal unless you address the underlying cause. See a doctor or chiropractor about muscle sprains or musculoskeletal abnormalities.

    In case you will need DFW myofascial myofascial therapy please go to Massage Source Plano Texas – massage plano, tx.
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