Milon safely crossed the first half of the first game. He first beat the first stick of Acuna, then let the second stick Abils send the ground ball and was blocked. Then the third stick Freeman's flying ball was also Juan Soto is killed. The nationals made pre-emptive strikes in the second half. The first Adam-Eaton sent his eighth eighth-place hit this season, while the Warriors shortstop John Camargo made a mistake in the second-time Trey Turner strike. Eaton went up. Third base. The national third, the third baseman Anthony Lunden hit the field to form a hit, sent Eaton back to the base, the national 1-0 lead. In the face of the unfavorable situation of Cheap MLB18 Stubs one or two bases, Futanevitz stabilized in time, first hit the national strong, the fourth stick Bryce Harper, and later sent Matt-Adams, but still got The two outs were ended in half.

In the first half of the second game, Miron successfully solved the fourth stick of Nick Mark Kakis and the fifth stick of Adam Duval. However, in the good situation of the two outs, the sixth wave of Camargo And the seventh great catcher, Taylor-Foulers, sent the hits one after another. The eighth-ranked Charlie Coulberson sent out his 8th blast this season, causing heavy injuries. This three-pointer allowed the Warriors to overtake 3- 1. And Fattanetitz sent two strikeouts and easily solved the second half of the second game. The situation in the third game was relatively calm. It was worth mentioning that only Akuna sent a hit and successfully stolen. Harper was beaten for the second time in the second half.