In the first half of the tenth game, Brett Gardner was selected to MLB The Show 18 Stubs go to the base. Before the Stanton strike, the Yankees had two players out, but Stanton did not give up. After fighting six balls, he will The ball is sent out of the home wall, 3-1! Yankee reversed the score.

In the second half of the tenth game, Yankee sent the former Major League rescue king Zach Britton to close, which is the first time he got a rescue opportunity after joining the Yankees, but in the case of one person on the base, one of his The 96-mile/hour sunken ball was caught by the white-sock kanban hitter Abreu, and sent out of the home run wall. The white socks extended the game to equalize the score! This is the second rescue failure of Britton's season, and the two sides continued to play 3-3.