Sosha's many years of coaching achievements in the Angels have made him highly prestigious in the team, including the current owner of the team that acquired Angel in 2003, Arte Monreno. It is well known that Sosa is also an old school teacher who rejects data analysis. In 2015, the then Angel's general manager, Jerry Dipoto, was directly involved in the analysis of the data analysis. The decision of the star player Puhousi to support Sosha eventually led to Diboto’s resignation and Eppler’s takeover. Of course, at present, there is no negative news about the relationship between Sosha and Eppler, and the relationship between Sosa and the players should be no problem.

During the 19 seasons of Sosah’s coaching of angels, there were 111 head coaches in the league’s other teams. If there were temporary guards, there were as many as 131 coaches, and Miami Marlins hired as many as 9 Head coach. In addition, as many as 70 head coaches have embarked on the road of Cheap MLB18 Stubs coaching career. In the 2000 season of Sosah's debut season, only the Major League players and Belle are still working in the big league.