Fortnite is also celebrating its 1st birthday with a set of challenges that will unlock a birthday-themed emote, spray, and bling. The first two challenges are relatively easy, requiring you to do a specified amount of damage and play a certain amount of matches. However, the third challenge is a little trickier. For this you'll need to Fortnite Items find 10 cakes that have been scattered around the island and dance in front of them. To make things a little easier on yourself, check out our Fortnite Birthday Cake Location Guide to watch us do the entire challenge and also see a map of where all the cakes are. Epic Games is also giving new Fortnite skins to those that have been playing the game from the very beginning. If you purchased the Founder's Pack when Fortnite's Save the World mode originally launched, you'll be prompted about the classic skins when you next boot up the game. These were promised to Founder's Pack owners when the Battle Royale mode first launched, and have finally been delivered around a year later.