After the five-game losing streak, the Washington Nationals had already fallen below 50%. The players held a meeting with only the players after the series with the Red Sox. I hope the team can get back to the state. However, the Marlins team launched a fierce attack on the national team's starting pitcher Jeremy Heliksson, relying on Martin Prado's third-round shot in the second inning and Justin Bauer in the fourth inning. The two-run homer, Marlins made a huge lead of MLB18 Stubs 9-0 early. This week, Heliksen, who was not in the best physical condition, lost 8 points and then left the game.

But the national team quickly responded. In the fourth game, the lower half of the national team relied on Turner's Yangchun gun to recover one point. In the fifth game, the national team scored another four points. Juan Soto played a second base with 2 points. The first Grand Slam in the sixth round of Turner's career helped the team get the lead for the first time in this game. In the seventh game, Turner hit the first base with two points and scored eight points. In the eighth inning, the first half of the Marlins relied on Brian Anderson's three-run homer to narrow the gap to two points. The ninth inning of the national team's finisher, Sean Doolittle, was successfully shut down with two hits, and the 22nd rescue of the season was successful.