Interestingly enough, Polygon questions whether or not everyone receiving so much currency and bonuses could ultimately hurt and hamper the online marketplace. In games like Diablo III when the Real-Money Auction House was a thing, Blizzard had to actively curtail the drop rate of Buy MLB18 Stubs legendary items in order to prevent flooding of the market. Why would they do this? So that the price of legendaries could always sell for up to $250 real life dollars. They would receive a percentage of every sale, so it was wholly within their benefit to keep the market starved of legendaries. It was even revealed at one point that they had to balance the loot tables to ensure drop-rates stayed consistent so as not to flood the market and drive down the prices.

In the case of Electronic Arts and their games, they run a fine balance between what sort of ultimate card packs are made available through their microtransaction store, so that for games such as FIFA and Madden there's more of a focus on building up your roster through the cash shop for your own individual progression through the game.