After you do all the steps and close the pop-up window, your Steam client will update Rocket League to Rocket League Keys the beta. Once this is done, you will be able to create your own tournaments and join competitions created by other players.

Mr. Connors would like you to keep in mind that the Tournaments Beta version of the game will replace the Live version you already have installed. However, it will not mess with your XP, inventory, replays, or other player data. Your control configuration and some audio and video settings may change.

Competitive Playlists will not be available in the Tournaments Beta. If you, at any given moment, want to hop back into a Competitive Playlist, just go back to the Betas tab and choose None - Opt out of all beta programs. Steam will then download the latest Live version of Rocket League. Easy peasy. There will be no cross-platform functionality in the Tournaments Beta.