In this game, the Red Sox created a season-high 20 hits and hits at least 10 hitters in 10 positions, so the reversal last night could be the best MLB this season. One of Cheap MLB18 Stubs the games. In contrast to today's game, in this game, the Boston Red Sox was in a difficult situation, lost three points in the fourth inning and scored a point before the eighth inning. Six blows were sent out, so a loss is also reasonable.

This big defeat is the Red Sox's never experienced at Fenway Stadium this season. Even the most enthusiastic fans of the "Sweet Caroline" singing before the eighth inning are not as loud as ever. They may face such a situation. The fans also knew that the team had no skills. However, in the ninth game, the Red Sox players may have been scored by Martinez and Moreland with two points after being enthusiastically cheered by the fans. The final score was also fixed at 2:7.