The super rookie Juan Soto had four dribbles against Yankee in a single field on Wednesday, and the shortstop Trey Turner also ran out of his 100th robbery. He spent a total of 264 games to achieve this achievement, the fourth fastest in history. The final national defeat Yankee 5:4, but this is only the team's only victory this week. In recent weeks, the national performance has been very strong. Although the team led by Max Chessell is very strong, the team attack index ranks only 21st in the league with 0.709, and the nationals seem to Buy MLB18 Stubs have returned to the early stage of the season. To make matters worse, the two main players Stephen Strassberg and Ryan Zimmerman also entered the injury list, exacerbating the team's plight.

Only 5-1 of the good performances were played last week. This week, the angels retreated 1-5 with the progress of catching up. Evergrande’s injury to the elbow required observation by Angel’s medical department, the third baseman Zac Kozat’s left shoulder dislocated, the bullpen-holder Jim Johnson and the two starter pitcher Garrett Richards. Nick-Tropino also entered the injury list, and the angels had to urgently recruit minor league pitchers Eduardo Paredes, Achille Morris, Felix Penha and Jake Jever to help the fire. . Due to the incomplete lineup of the team, even though Mike Trout alone fought against the sailors, they could not recover the sweeping situation.