Shortly before MLB The Show 18's full release on March 27, a thread appeared on the game's subreddit calling them a 'toxin.' "We were promised that souvenirs would be avoidable and that there'd be a path for players who 'just want to Cheap MLB18 Stubs play the game,' one fan wrote. "That's a blatant lie at the moment. Easily over 1/3rd of missions right now require the market, and almost all of the gameplay missions are locked behind the market ones."

Indeed, it's not terribly easy to break into a Program as matters currently stand. As a basic example, first baseman Kennys Vargas requires one Twins Road Hat and one Twins Road Jersey to unlock his initial card. Once his initial card is unlocked, you can start pursuing his in-game missions. But if you don't get these items from a pack, you're probably stuck, because a Twins road jersey is currently going for more than 2000 stubs on the marketplace.