Odell Beckham reports to participate in the New York Giants mandatory mini training camp, but he will not work with teammates.

NFL official website reporter Kimberly Jones (Mimberly Jones) reported that the giant and Beckham reached a consensus that the wide receiver can not work together with the team. The Giants feel no need to rush to get their best offensive players back to training.

Jones also stated that since Beckham's ankle fracture last October, his doctor and team medical team have been consistent with the recovery plan.

After attending a voluntary mini training camp in April and participating in part of Madden Mobile Account the offseason training last month, Beckham did not participate in the most recent offseason training.

The team's coach Pat Shurmur recently told the media that Beckham is already very close to passing the exam to return to training and may be ready to attend the mini training camp.

However, the team eventually decided to proceed with caution. It was a top priority to ensure that Beckham would not be injured again before the training camp.

This year's offseason news about Beckham has been centered around his injuries and his hopes for a new contract. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport had previously reported that Beckham would not embark on the court without a new contract. The lack of team cooperation continues to make this threat possible.