Manchester City this season in the Premier League a ride away, winning no suspense, but Manchester United famous Ryan Giggs in the comparison of this Manchester City and the same invincible Manchester United that year, he said that Manchester City still need to accept more tests: "Each Individuals have said that they have played this season as well as Manchester United's best performance in the British Premier League.But I think that if Manchester City wants to FIFA Coins compare with traditional giants like Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea, they must win multiple Premiership titles. It must be in excellent condition for many seasons, not just a miracle season."

Then, Ryan Giggs talked about expectations for Manchester City next season: "Considering this season Manchester City's way of playing, they have the ability to do this. But ultimately it can be achieved, depending on Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham, etc. Whether the other clubs will do better next year, but also depends on how Manchester City will respond to challenges."